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Here, your dating life will take a turn for more excitement. You will experience better results at making that phone ring.

My friends call me different names; the flirt, the expert, the dating machine. They admire my ability to meet new men. They admire how quickly I can evaluate a potential in a guy.

They also come to me often for advice on dating man and relationship.

This is what I am sharing what there is to know today and in the later weeks and months to come.

I am sharing the information that I have gained from my readings on the subject. There are advice on dating man relationship.

You will find comments and advice from different men as you are reading the articles. This helps to make to proper decision depending at which stage of courtship you are with the guy.

By applying the advice on this site, you should witness changes in your dating life.

Don’t feel left out if you are married or if you have a family. You still need to date with your husband. That is the real challenge.

Come back often to see what is new.

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