Sexy blonde escorts are here for you

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If you are really willing to spend time with a sexy woman who can please you by her special moves, then you should hire blonde escorts. There are thousands of blonde ladies working as escorts and their services are simply mind blowing. Once you are with a blonde babe, you won’t be able to hold […]

Dating Online – Internet Dating

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We hear all kinds of things about dating online. I heard that: It’s dangerous Only geeks are on it Only ugly people Only desperate men (and women) They know so little about the love opportunities online; there are over 61 million people internet dating today. It’s an exciting pool to meet single men. With that number […]

Dating Man with Child

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How to Make This Work Dating man with child is not the ideal situation for any woman, but if you are attracted to someone who has kids, there often seems like no choice. Deciding to enter into dating a man with a child will mean learning to be sensitive to both his and his child’s […]

Love scent

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So, what love scent do men really like on a woman? This question has been asked since perfume began. Not long ago a member asked this on a dating site forum. I can honestly say the majority of answers from the men indicated a preference for very little to light and airy spring type hints. […]

Flirting at work with a guy

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Harmless pastime or serious play? As long as unisex work environments have existed, flirting at work chemistry between men and women will always be underlying. If there is a guy at work you feel attracted to, or if you simply enjoy being a flirt, you should take into account any potential consequences before you continue […]

Can get over boyfriend

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Can get over boyfriend , can get over boyfriend” you mutter to yourself. Unfortunately, your new mantra doesn’t seem to be working. Even though he broke up with you and hurt you, you still love him. As you feel familiar tears forming, you wonder if you will ever get over that man and, right now, […]

How to find Mr Right

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Is it too late? (Sigh)….How to find mr right? Where is he? Is something that only happens in the movies? If so, you’re not alone. As Charlotte, the character in “Sex in the city” said:”I have been looking for him since I was 17 years old! I am tired! Where is he?” The question of […]