Best Flirting Tip at a Party

The best flirting tip I find effective and amusing is to use your eyes. The eyes are the gateway to the soul.

Looking in each others eyes is a silent intimate gesture that you can have. It keeps a man interested.

It creates complicity and it builds tension. That tension propels men to come up to talk to you to release it.
When you haven’t spoken with each other yet, it’s not the time to be shy. You hold the gaze for 4 seconds. 3 seconds he could interpret it as a friendly one. 4 seconds, you mean business. You are a femme fatale.

Be aware that he might be taken off guard. You might want to repeat gazing to him so he fully understands your attraction especially if he is a shy one.

There are techniques to effectively ask a guy out without threatening the success of the possible relationship

Give him a few more gazes like this from time to time to test his interest. While holding your gaze, give him a smile. This communicates to him that he can approach and chat with you.

If he doesn’t look back, or doesn’t come up to you, put your attention on another man. Competition usually makes men react. This best flirting tip shows the man that you are receptive. This is the encouragement that guys need to approach you.

The shy ones will continue the game of looking at you for a few more moments. He will end up coming by you. He might be walking your way expecting that you will stop him for conversation.

If he doesn’t move and still gazes all night long without making any moves, he might be in a relationship or, he is used to girls coming at him. Those are better reasons to stand where you are.

It might be also because you have too many “bodyguards” around you. Try to break away for a moment from your friends. Stand alone in a corner. You are giving him a chance to come up to you.

I have met a guy like that in a bar; I was standing alone. I was bored. A guy started glancing at me. Men like to be heroes.

I guess he felt that he could “save me” from boredom. I smiled at him twice. That is all I needed to do to have his phone number. Be careful of being too intense. It can scare him away. Focus on looking at him then leave him alone for another 10-20 minutes. Chances are that he will be obsessed of having your attention again.

If nothing happens quickly enough, use your judgment if it is time to focus on somebody else. At least, you were able to have some practice in this best flirting tip. Also you can see some of the pick up lines in bars for additional help.

Another Best Flirting Tip

You can even add something else that is more intimate: A wink

A wink is a powerful tool to increase the connection with someone. It dictates intimacy and real complicity with the other party.

When you have talked to the guy and he has gone back to his friends and he looks your way from time to time, give him a wink. He should smile back to you with contentment.

Everybody likes secrets. You are the only ones communicating and the rest of the world doesn’t know or understand it. It is powerful connection with a guy.

One Last Best Flirting Tip

When talking to him, try to get some occasions where he has to speak in your ear. This is a ploy so that allows him to smell your scent, your perfume. Scent is the most powerful sense to create of increase chemistry.

You can make believe that you haven’t heard what he said. Toss your hair behind your ear, lean forward, inviting him to repeat what he has said again, this time, closer.


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