How to meet a Christian single dating man

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Christian single dating can be a blast! If you’re a Christian woman who is truly interested in dating a Christian man, I’ve got some secret advice for you.

Finding a Christian man that truly values, respects, loves you, courting you, specifically for you, is easy when you God is involved. Become very specific about the qualities you’re looking for in a mate, if you are looking for Christian man.

In fact, many women, just like you, are enjoying the Christian single dating courtship process.

have found their soul mates. They are now living a fulfilled happy life simply because they followed the tips and advice in this article.

Here’s how you too can enjoy the Christian single dating. You can find a wonderful Christian man that will give you the courtship that you want and deserve.

1. First of all, involve God in the process.

After all, God desires us to find our perfect soul mates. He truly wants you to be happy. Involve Him in the process. Give your prayers and desires to him. He will give you light and strenght to where you should go.

Women who don’t do this, have more problems in the Christian single dating process. They end up finding non Christian men who aren’t on the same “page” with them.

You could find someone that is serious without being Christian; however, my advice is that you will have an happier courtship if you share the similar values and lifestyle.

However, those women who involve God in the process do eventually find their perfect mate.

Pray to God about what you’re looking for in a man.

Trust Him and he will manifest your dream mate.

2. Second, be open and receptive.

Next, be open and receptive to receiving your ideal mate. You might meet him at church, summer camp or even when volunteering.

The possibilities are endless when looking for Christian man. Therefore, you have to have unwavering faith that God is sending the perfect mate to you.

You have to not get discouraged by the dating experience. Take it as an enriching learning experience.

Visualize yourself with the man of your dreams. Trust He will manifest with exactly the qualities that you are seeking.

3. Enjoy dating but keep your mind open.

Ask for the discernment to recognize him when you see him. Don’t allow your physical needs to cloud your judgment(…hum….).

For instance, let’s say that you meet someone you think is your perfect mate. He is extremely handsome, has a great job, seems great with kids and seems to want a relationship. However, you have a nagging suspicion something is very wrong with this man.

You then pray for discernment; you are told to take it slow and be careful. Well, after only 5 dates you notice your dream Mr. Right is actually Mr. Wrong.

He is moody and has a terrible temper. Well, since you are wise enough to listen to your inner voice (God) that he is not right, you immediately dump him. A short time later, you meet and marry Mr. Right.

4. Don’t keep your dating a secret.

Tell other Christian minded people (especially happily married couples) that you are looking for a mate. You never know, someone might just know someone that is absolutely perfect for you.

5. Go where the Christian men are.

There are many wonderful places where you can meet really positive spiritual Christian men.

In fact, the more you open your heart and mind to the possibilities, the more you’ll see that they are everywhere. Here are some popular places you can meet a Christian man:

a. Get involved in the Singles groups at church plus attend Spiritual retreats.

b. Involve yourself in spiritual endeavors that help make the world a better place. You’ll soon find your ideal mate is also involved in this type of process as well.

c. Visit Christian single dating site forums. By becoming involved in online forums, you will get an insider look into places where you can meet Christian men, like retreats, conferences, etc.

In fact, you might even make a “love connection” with someone who is visiting these type of sites.

However, since you’re basically meeting someone online, be careful until you get to know them. If anything doesn’t “feel right”, listen and heed the warning – God is trying to tell you something.

d. Join a Christian single dating service. All over the US, there are Christian dating services that match interested people with other Christians who might be interested in dating someone like you.

There is Single Christians only. Upon registration, you get a free e-book on why relationships don’t work. The author of this e-book met his wife online. You have options of a games, a chat, an advice column and quite a number of people to choose from.

You also have the Single Christian network.

You can see who’s online right now to make communication easier. Also you can search by age and gender.

There is a fun feature called the “Birthday list” where you can see who’s birthday it is. It is a great way to start a conversation with a Christian guy that you find attractive.

In conclusion, finding a Christian man isn’t hard. You can find a man who not only shares your love of Christ but also wants to settle down with a good women like you.

Just remember to involve God in the process, enjoy the journey of Christian single dating .

In addition, never, ever, ever give up searching for him because your dream Christian man is out there waiting and praying for you too!

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