Flirting at work with a guy

Harmless pastime or serious play?

As long as unisex work environments have existed, flirting at work chemistry between men and women will always be underlying.

If there is a guy at work you feel attracted to, or if you simply enjoy being a flirt, you should take into account any potential consequences before you continue the behavior.

Every woman needs her boundaries and having your own set of personal rules is best for every area of your life. If flirting at work with a guy was to evolve further into a relationship, would you be comfortable with it?

People at work would be likely to know your business and it will be obvious to everyone if you are in the midst of a misunderstanding.

While it can be nice to have someone who understands what you do every day, could you happily spend almost every waking moment with your partner in and out of work?

Do you feel like you could lose the respect of your co-workers when they gain an insight into your private life through you dating someone inter-office?

If you don’t mind all of the above occurring as a result of flirting at work with a guy then there is no reason to hold back – within reason of course!

Flirting in a professional atmosphere needs to be subtle and talking like it is 2am at the local pub is not a good look. Even though you and the guy you are flirting with may be on the same page, others overhearing your carry on may not be so impressed.

The first thing you should always be sure of before you bat an eye at a colleague is that they are not married or in a relationship.

It is bad form for any woman to flirt with a man who has a partner, not to mention dishonorable and disrespectful to our sisters, fellow women. When you have determined he is available, you can begin by developing a light hearted, joking report.

If you seem to have the same sense of humor as each other and you feel those subtle sparks begin to fly, take it a step further by asking them to have lunch with you. This is time off the clock where you can let your hair down a little more and show more of your flirtatious side.

It is important with work colleagues to not rush into a relationship head first. Every woman knows that it doesn’t take long to be turned off a guy who you thought was something he’s not, so to avoid office break-ups, be patient and take longer to get to know them.

If after a month or so of flirting at work with a guy the chemistry is still strong and you find yourself thinking about him outside of work hours, you can offer or accept his offer to have a date.

Undoubtedly things will go well since you have common work topics to discuss, but try to gain an insight into the rest of his life before consummating anything.

Many people have found their true loves in the workplace and working together now doesn’t mean you will be forever. Flirting at work with a guy will make your environment more fun and your work day will fly by.

Keep it tasteful and discreet with a tad of cheekiness and try not to mislead anyone into thinking you have feelings for them if you don’t.

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