Male friends with benefit or sex friends

Friends with benefit are friends or acquaintances who are involved in an intimate relationship. They see each other on an occasional basis.

They don’t make long term future plans. When they part, one doesn’t necessarily know when they will see each other again. They are casual sex friends.

What is it?

I am puzzled about the impact of that situation. Does it prevent from meeting someone or not. Women get attached easily.

In the short term, it does give delicious pleasures. What about on the long term?

And how to avoid getting attached and hurt if our feelings are not returned?

Not every woman is made for a best friend sex. You have to remain artificially attached to that person and at the same time experience great lust.

Fortunately, more and more women are able to do this. And it serves men who are afraid of commitment There is a biological reason why we get attached easily. It happens when a woman is having intercourse there is a hormone that is release in her body; the oxytocin.

It’s a bonding hormone. It is also released in higher dose in our body when give birth.

That explains why we are attached those adult sex friends that we logically know that are not made for us.

There are a few ways to experience sexual intimacy with a man without getting to deeply attached.

Try to experience little or no romantic situations with your friends with benefit. In other words, try to keep it to the bedroom. Going to a romantic night out might be a trap.

You could still experience intimacy. But it has to be limited to a friendship. Even if you are craving for romance, accept the fact that you can’t experience more with him.

Do not dream of future plans with your best friend sex. Stop yourself when you are starting to wonder how it would be like to be married to him, a life together, buying a house or raising children. That is another trap to get attached to your friends with benefit.

It’s a reflex for us woman to think long term. It is the same for men when they thinking of a future with you or not. It takes about 5 minutes for men to “file you” in the “box” of “meeting his mother” or “meeting his bed once in a while.”

Another way to remain detached of your best friend sex is to date other guys.

Date other guys.

This will distract you from your friends with benefit. He won’t feel the subtle “spotlight” that you would be putting on him. Men are sensitive to a woman’s unspoken expectations when they are not interested in fulfilling them.

You will avoid rejection with your friends with benefit if you continue to date.

That is why high libido women don’t get as easily hurt with friends with benefit. They are so distracted by their needs to be fulfilled that they can date with more then one men at a time.

Therefore they never really get attached. If she does get attached, it is because that man is her choice.

Another way to avoid getting hurt is to have a certain length of time between the times that you see your friends with benefit.

As soon as he will leave the house, or yourself, you will feel good about the experience and think about it the next days following.

If you have no contact with him for a week, the feeling of excitement, where attachment starts, will fade away.

When he will call back, you will be grounded.

Oh yeah! Don’t forget; let him initiate the calls and the emails.

With your friends with benefits, there is no drama. It’s purely sensuality and fun. No fighting.

No negative feelings lingering inside. The adult sex friends bring pure joy. Pure lust.

Most often then not, it doesn’t develop to serious relationship unfortunately. It will end sooner or later until you, or your friends with benefit meet somebody else.

And,…. it’s been fun to know 🙂

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