How to attract a man in your Life. Your Ideal Man.

How to attract a man in your life requires two elements; belief in yourself that you are fantastic and trust that it will happen. Those are the fuel for attracting a man.

How to attract a man: Believe that you are a great catch

Watch what you are saying to yourself. You are who you say you are. And you are convincing others of the same.

Transform it to the positive version. For example, if every time you make a mistake at work, you say something like “I can be so stupid sometimes”, change it right away for, “I am a smart person. Mistakes can happen”.

It is essential that you transform the internal conversation that you are having with yourself for a positive tone.

That is why one of your beliefs should be that you are every man’s dream. You will unknowingly communicate that. And they will believe it. Therefore, you will attract your ideal husband.

Men feel when you don’t feel good about yourself. They won’t rationalize in their heads “Oh! That girl has low self esteem. Therefore let me switch to that girl who seems to be sitting there comfortably on the chair”.

Instead, they will react to your discomfort is by not remaining attracted.

How to attract a man: Write down your ideal guy on a piece of paper

It has been proven that if you write down what you want in life and forget about it, it will come true. You can use this if you want a job, or any other particular goal. Don’t forget to put a reasonable date.

Write all the qualities and abilities that you are looking in your ideal man. Put a time frame. The last time I have done it, 1 month later, I had met that dating match.

How to attract a man: Dedicate an amount of time per week focused only on hunting for your man

Go at it ALONE. Yes, hunting is a solitary activity. When you are alone, you are easily approachable.

Men will pass the opportunity to bypass your entire friend’s herd and risk a humiliation session. No one wants that.

Practice smiling. Smile to every man that you come across. Old and young. Your type or not. It will make you feel good and attractive. This how you seduce a man.

You will experience the snowball effect; by feeling good, more men will want to know you more.

Yours truly have done it. I have to admit that it was awkward at first. I promise it’s all worth it. Now, I have more quality man approaching me because it has become natural for me to just smile at them.

Flirt. Flirt. Flirt. Flirt.

Flirt. Flirt.

Remember; have fun doing it without any other expectations then to have fun. You can now go read how to keep a man to maxime the chances of success for that handsome.

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