Love scent

So, what love scent do men really like on a woman?

This question has been asked since perfume began.

Not long ago a member asked this on a dating site forum.

I can honestly say the majority of answers from the men indicated a preference for very little to light and airy spring type hints.

There was some support for just a little musk and vanilla.

Not one man who answered was at all interested in some heavy cloaking blanket smell.

It reminds me of a movie with Al Pacino where he was blind, “The Scent of a Woman” I remember squirming a little in my seat when he described the most attractive sent to him as being something like a-la natural.

That was probably the first time I actually understood raw natural sexual attraction, and love scent.

Who’d have thought Al Pacino movies could be so educational.

But fine perfume does not resemble the smell of lady bits, I hope. Naturally all men are not the same. The natural scent of a woman may be a little too primitive to many of them. So then out comes the perfume.

There is so much out there to pick from today. There’s a fragrance to suit any occasion, and there’s one out there for all of us that could best be described as our love scent.

I might choose my perfume for me and what I like, but it does matter what scents we select if we are wanting to attract that special someone.

Every label advertises their newest creations as the one that drives men wild. Every day thousands of women will go out and buy that latest love scent too.

There was one particular reply that I will always remember from a man who was all excited by his girlfriends “steak” smell after working in a commercial kitchen.

This came across as so funny at first but I suppose there are a lot of men who would be much more content to come home to the smell of a home cooked meal than a bouquet of roses. This reply was not so silly after all.

It’s said that love at first sight is triggered by some unconscious impulse that creates this instant attraction.

It’s more than a possibility, and after examining the love scent theory that perhaps this love at first sight could very well be triggered by an unconscious attraction to fragrance.

If I was to determine what would come first in a case of love at first sight I would have to say scent, for its powerful ability to trigger attraction.

With all the advertising of new fragrances they would like to have us believe that this one or that lasts all day long. Well I’m sorry all day long is not a few short hours, and it certainly does not end when the sun goes down.

Remembering that men are generally repelled by those thick heavy scents that do seem to last the distance, but attracted to the light breezy fresh aromas, having your love scent last all the real day long with you is its own science.

The best way to have your fragrance last the day with you is to put it on after applying body lotion preferably scented to suit your perfume.

Ideally, for the longest lasting effect layering is recommended. Beginning with a little aroma oil in the bath, then a light dusting with similar or same scented talc before applying the body lotion.

Armed with the right love scent flirting starts well before the moment your eyes meet, and lasts long after “Hello”

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