Online dating advice

Those online dating advice are meant to weed out the Mr. Wrongs.

First Online Dating Advice: Create a good screen name

Avoid making references to sexuality like bootydelicious_red head, or sexy-blonde or fun_hot_brunette. Intead of selling your body or sexual skills, sell who you are.

A user name reveals something about you. Find something positively different. It could be cooking_sorcerer_52, or feminine_golfer_34.

Be creative. You’ll attract the right online men who are looking for the treasures that you offer. Learn how make man want you

Second Online Dating Advice: Post a smiling photography.

Pay a professional photographer. Make the good online right first impression. You’ll look a balanced woman. It’ll attract men who want a serious relationship.

If you are on a limited budget, get an appointment with stores like Sears or WalMart who offer to give you a 5X7 for free. Scan your picture. Post it online.

Third Online Dating Advice: Answer with in a timely manner

I used to answer in the speed of the light.


Men could interpret it as being desperate. Scary! Men are competitive by nature. Delay your answer to give him some excitement.

It implies that you are in demand and/or popular because of a busy life. I recommend answering after 4 hours to 24 hours.

You are maybe asking yourself; “What if he looses interest?” I think you would have lost him anyway down the road. His interest maybe wasn’t strong enough.

Try to avoid answering during the holidays and the week-ends. He could think that don’t “have a life”.

His fragile interest could start to weaken. You don’t want to be living single longer, right?

Fourth Online Dating Advice: Keep your answers light

Write about what you like. Make jokes. Keep away from being negative.

Avoid mentioning your ex-boyfriends.

If he asks what you are looking, don’t be afraid to express it. He will appreciate your self-confidence.

Keep the “wanted list” short. You could answer “I am looking to be with a compatible person.” It’s positive, it shows that you are selective, not desperate and mysterious.

Mystery makes men curious. He’ll want to discover what’s hidden being your beautiful eyes and smile. Make him come back for more.

Fifth Online Dating Advice: Let him ask for your phone number

If he leaves you his phone number, reply with yours and invite him to call you. Some men give their phone number to avoid appearing aggressive.

Let him call you. Unfortunately ladies, even today, men need the hunt trill. It increases the chances of him to value you more.

One last Online Dating Advice

If there is no pictures on his online profile, he might have a girlfriend, or a wife or not contented with his looks.

I didn’t have much luck with men who have no pictures online. If his excuse is that he is someone important and doesn’t want to be recognized, don’t believe him.

Someone important doesn’t necessarily use online dating ; they hire a love hunter or an agency.

Best of luck with those online dating advice!

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