Is playing hard to get the way for lasting love?

Men will tell you that they like a girl with a little challenge, I like girls who are playing hard to get. I have a friend who usually plays with girls.
He is going mad over a cutie but ordinary girl because she keeps seeing him without giving in. She doesn’t kiss, nor make it easier for him for closeness.

He keeps telling me that he prefers it that way. She gives him stomach butterflies.

If you are playing hard to get is a way to make you look more valuable. Like gold.

When playing hard to get, it is a way to avoid being fooled by players. They look the easy preys.

Your life might be less exciting. Take the time to make yourself more interesting.

The attitude is not to expect right away everything from him. They get scared on this. It’s a slow process. Give him his trill of the chase.

Accept and appreciate what they offer at first. You will get what you want gradually.

How to be effective in playing hard to get?

When he asks for you phone number, ask him to give you a reason why you should give it to them

Let him do the talking.

Let him initiate the calls. Even after the lovemaking.

Let him invite you on a date.

Let him plan the evening out. Or the day out.

Leave the room or his place when he disrespects you.

Refuse once in a while some invitations. You are a popular gal, remember?

Remain somewhat mysterious.

Irridiate patience, togetherness and inner piece

Let him talk first about a future together.

Let him first talk about marriage

Let him propose to you when you haven’t expected it.

That is playing hard to get.

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