Signs your crush likes you

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Is there a super-hot guy you can't peel your eyes off of? Does he show signs your crush likes you ? Does he make your heart go all a-flutter when you see him?

Have you been wondering if he really likes you too? Check out these signs your crush likes you. You'll see if you think he's for real.

1. What is his body language?

How does he act when he's around you? When you walk into the room, if he acts overjoyed to see you, that's a great sign! Sometimes, though, men will want to try & 'play it cool,' by acting as if they're not excited.

However, you can tell he really likes you if he hovers around you, makes plenty of eye contact, and smiles at you a lot. A good sign that your crush likes you.

2. When you are dressed pretty and feminine, how do his eyes react?

Does he seem to have a hard time looking away?


A sure sign that he's really into you. If he spends a lot of time looking at your face & into your eyes instead of at your 'goods,' this is a great sign as well.

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3. Does he compliment you on the way you look, or the way you act?

We all want to hear that we are beautiful, and it's great if he says so. However, if he also compliments the way you act, or your behavior, that's a great sign.

While at a party, if he tells you that you're so funny & you seem to have a knack for making people laugh, this is great!!! He's been watching your demeanor. He is SO into you!

4. Do you find that your crush can't help but touch your arms or your lower back?

This means that he's already feeling possessive of you. His hands on you signal to other men to 'lay off.' He may already be thinking that you will be his!

5. Do you feel an unusual tension between you and your crush, especially when you're alone together?

This 'tension' is a good thing.

It means sparks are flying, from BOTH sides. This means that he probably has a crush as well, or at least wants to see what will develop. That is one of the signs your crush likes you.

6. Is he flirtatious with other women, and not just you?

Sometimes when a guy flirts with us, we wonder if he is for real. Well, some guys just flirt for the sport. Just because they flirt with you doesn't mean they really like you. If you're the only one he flirts with, chances are, he's for real.

7. Does he go the 'extra mile' for other women?

Does your crush open doors for every woman, or make jokes and flirt with every woman?

If it's only you he does the really sweet things for, he is definitely trying to signal that it's you he's interested in. This is one of the best signs your crush likes you.

8. Don't be afraid to be flirtatious.

Make those signs your crush likes you come out. Unless he's just ultra shy, when you flirt with your crush, he should get the message and pounce on the 'invitation.' Flirting with him let's him know that it's okay to flirt with you, and that you're available and interested.

9. If he still doesn't pick up on your signals, there's only one thing left to do. Get him drunk.

If you are seeing signs your crush likes you, try getting him into a romantic situation, like a walk in the dark, or a movie or dinner.

The best thing to do is get him in the right environment and see what happens!

Good Luck and Happy Flirting!

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