Who is the man that is your love match?

To increase your chances of love happiness you need to define your love match before you find Mr. Right.

You can define your favorite physical aspects of him and the emotional aspect of your dream man. It’s a crucial step to find your man in love

When you are done describing it AND writing it on a piece of paper, put that sheet in a small box and wait for your love match to come along.

It has worked for me and for some of one of my other friend who has done it.

Warning: Be careful of what you are writing on that paper. You might be bargaining for more then what you asked for. Watch out for an abusive man

Physical aspect of your love match

Identify his weight

Does he have to be muscular, thin, don’t mind a little bit overweight, proportioned, or doesn’t matter

Your love match’s height

Tall like a basket ball player, shorter like Tom Cruise, or doesn’t matter

Your race preference: Do you prefer Black, Latino, Caucasian, Asian, Indian, or a particular culture like Muslim or all of these answers?

His hair color: Do you die for big brown eyes or, do blue eyes make you melt, or, do you get the shivers for green/hazel eyes?

His age range: I would suggest choosing not below 5 years younger and not more then 6 years over your age

Now, you describe the emotional aspect of your love match

Introverted or Extroverted? or in the middle of both

Does he have kids or not?

Does he want kids or not?

What talent does he have? Public speaking, musician, handy man, or something else, like a talent that your father has

What is the level of his libido? Strong, mild, average

What level of independence do you want him to have?

Very independent, because you have your career, somewhat, in the middle or you want a dependant one?

Appreciate the he express his affection in public (like holding hands) or do you prefer in intimacy?

Is he talkative in general or quiet kind of guy?

Prefer a guy who likes debate or prefers a thinker guy?

Does it bother you that he has been married or not?

Do you like romantic, dreamy or practical?

Lifestyle of your love match

Smoker or not?

Alcohol drinking? Socially, not at all, don’t mind

Vegetarian? Kosher?

Does he prefer the country or the city?

Is he religious? Spiritual? Or nothing at all?

Is he the indoor type of the outdoor type?

Which hobbies would you like to have in common with him?

Social butterfly or homebody?

I am sure this list other characteristics will pop out your brain.

Write them down.

One last thing needs to be done for your love match. You need to identify which characteristics are:

Can’t live without

You are flexible on – if he doesn’t have them fully, you will love him anyway

Find your own way of identifying them. It could be color coded with a highlight pen or put them in column.

Do whatever you have to do so that your love match is clear. Read it everyday. If it is on your mind, you will recognize him right away when you will meet him.

Some people have met their love match within a month after. For others, it took more then 6 months.

If you follow the steps in a relationship , you are on your way to success. One last thing: don’t forget to keep the faith that this special guy is on his way.

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