How to Ask a Guy out without Loosing his Interest

Here is a great way to ask a guy out on a date:

Show him that you need him. This is a great flirting tip . Men will go where they feel that they have something to offer.

Men looooove it when they feel needed. They like to be heroes even if it is a small resolved problem.

According to Dr. John Gray (Mars and Venus on a Date), ask a man to help you with some small services is the way to ask a guy out

For example, you need to put some shelves up, you don’t need to struggle with it yourself. Ask one of your prospects to help you next Saturday.

Here is the plan to ask a guy out:

Find all the problems that you can list for your apartment, in your car, for an assignment in your class, etc…

Ask for his advice or for some physical help. It could be to:

Changing a light bulb

Shine the car

Ask for his opinion on something that he has knowledge about.

Be grateful for his help. Thank him warmly for his contribution. He will be pleased by your gratitude.

Rave about something that he has done about you to your circle of friends if he can become aware that you are doing it.

This is also great practice to keep the love alive when you will be living with your ideal husband . You will appreciate all year long all the things that he does for you. He will give it back to you.

I can see now what you are thinking; I am sure that you have heard many male friends saying that they like it when a girl ask them out on a date, right?

There is no doubt that guys love it when you ask them out on a romantic date.

However, you are starting the relationship as being the aggressor. If you initiate anything, the guy becomes lazy and he waits for more. And his love for you dies.

Women soar when a guy makes all the romantic moves. Men’s love soar when they make efforts to please the girl and she responds positively to his efforts. That is one of the dynamics to get into his heart.

That is why you have to let a man make the romantic moves. His heart melts when he makes plans, makes an effort to please you AND you relax and enjoy it in return.

If you don’t let him make his romantic moves, what are the chances that he falls in love with you?

That is why you can invite him in situations that are not romantic but practical. This is a great way to ask a guy out when you have obsessive feelings for him.

Warm feelings develop slowly towards you because of the difference that he is making in your everyday life. It appeals to his ego need to be a “hero”.

When you ask a guy out that way, you are increasing the chances that he perceives you as a possible romantic partner.

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