Ask boyfriend question

When you have just met a man, there are some ask boyfriend question that you want to ask yourself. You want to find out if this is a keeper or a looser.

If you are choosing to take the road of finding a good mate, get a grip; you may be in for a long search

Is he calling at inappropriate hour?

A guy that respects you will also respect your time and your sleep. This is a demonstration of selfishness. A selfish guy will ultimately cheat on you.

Is he vague in his answers?

If you feel somewhat strange when you inquire about his whereabouts, trust your gut. You can never have the complete facts in your life to make the best decision.

Knowing that, you have to rely on your instinct to help you make that decision. Especially that women are blessed with the gift of intuition. Use it.

Another ask boyfriend question: Does he want to see you the night that he called you? Is he calling repeatedly that day for a date?

This is a red flag for “player”. He is going down his list and he has only you left. My numerous male friends are unanimous on that.

Does he have a suggestion for the date?

If you wanted to be party planner, you would be one. A man that cares about a future with you will do everything he can to impress you. He will think and turn on a way to make you smile and happy.

He will suggest all the dates.

At least, let him call you and suggest the first 5 dates. It gives a habit to the relationship. Anyhow, you deserve it.

Ask boyfriend question: Is he keeping plans?

It shows his level of commitment ladies! And boy! Do we know that we don’t want those!

Does he reserve his Saturday night for you?

One of my ex boyfriend has told me that if the guy doesn’t see you Saturday nights, he doesn’t consider you as his girlfriend.

What kind of relationship does he have with his mother?

It indicates how he will treat you as his partner. Does he lye to her? Is he disrespectful?

Does he respects her and doesn’t allow anyone else to speak badly about her? Does he help his mother around the house?

What is the behavior of his father towards his mother?

It is important to know about it. We duplicate the behavior of what we have witnessed as a child. It is logical.

We can’t duplicate what we haven’t been exposed to, right? Even if he disagrees of his father’s attitude, this is still what he has been taught.

Ask boyfriend question: Who are the important family members in his life? How have you met with them?

In which occasions have you met the most important people in his life? Was it in a social gathering like a family barbecue, Christmas, a wedding?

Or was it at the end of the evening that you joined him at a bar/restaurant with his friends? Are his friends/family excited to meet you and have been waiting for that moment? Or are they quietly polite?

If he has spoken about you for a while, he is excited about you and naturally wants his friends and family to be excited too.

With those ask boyfriend question, you have a better idea of what is the level of commitment you can put into the relationship. You can decide if you are willing to be exclusive or not.

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