Benefits of smiling to get a great guy

There are great benefits of smiling. When you smile to people, they take it as a friendly gesture.

It is a clear sign of openness. Some guys may take it as a flirting invitation. That is a great benefit of smiling

Why not?

Who knows what can come out of that regular action? It is just everyday good practice. You are increasing your chances of meeting a gorgeous guy like that.

If you are not comfortable with online dating and/or hanging out in bars, this may be an option. You could fill you dating appointment book that way.

The benefits of smiling are that you’ll get smiles back from old people, from the cashier, from the construction worker, from the women in the elevator, etc… They are a great ground for practice.

You will be ready when that perfect guy will come. If you believe in the law of attraction, you are launching the response in the universe to send a guy to you.

One of the benefits of smiling is to give a boost to for your self esteem. If one day you feel depressed by boredom of sadness, go out on the street or in the local mall.

Sit and smile to people. Or you can call it “shop and smile”. You shop without buying just to be in a crowd and practice smiling.

Some guys will be caught off guard because it is unexpected. Give him a chance to work out a warm response from the tingling that you have created inside of him. Guys prefer to have any girl smile at them then being harassed or worst, that another guy smiles at them!

Practice makes perfect. At first, you will have to intentionally “think” at smiling to people. After that, it will become automatic as it is suppose to be.

You will build more self-confidence at doing this. You can even drop a” Hi!” or a “Good morning” with that. You are showing that you don’t have a boyfriend. You are opening doors for men to approach you easily.

When someone smiles at you, smile back. You are a polite, well educated lady, aren’t you?

That being done, who knows from the conversation that you maybe will have with that person if there isn’t a handsome guy hidden in that person’s family, at work or circle of friends.

That is also one of the benefits of smiling. Networking is also a non anxious way to find love.

There is a woman who was at a coffee shop and smiled at a guy as she was fanning herself. He smiled back. She added “I’m hot”. He answered “Of course”.

He has just made her day. She got that compliment just because she gave him a smile. She knew how to attract a man You are making them feel good about themselves. There is always a joy to give to others.

As I have read somewhere, a man writes: “A genuine smile from a stranger is like a kiss and makes me feel good for the rest of the day”

Smile at men.

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