How your Body Language Flirting gets them around you like Bees on a Pot of Honey

You can get a guy focus on you or silently noticing you with a few body language flirting tricks. You won’t need complicated pick up lines

Send the right signal and you should be set for the night.

Body Language Flirting Tips no 1;

As you are standing

1. You need to have eye contact.

I know it is a difficult thing to do when you really like the guy physically. You can to stare at him until he notices that someone is looking at him. You can do this as you are seated or standing talking with people

2. Hands on one hip.

Having a hand on your hip demonstrate that you are open, relax, and this encourages your target man to approach.

Be careful not stand or sit with the guy at your back. I have made that mistake once and I regret it today still.

3. Transfer your body weight on one hip.

Stand on one side of your body. You will seen as you are not ready to go anywhere and receptive to anyone who comes your way.

You can stand on a wall (alone preferably) too showing also that you are not going anywhere. However, you can be perceived as bored and some prince charming will come and rescue you. It has work a few times for me.

Body Language Flirting Tips no 2;

As you are walking

1. Your fingers need to be relaxed. Not curled or put as a fist as if you were ready for a box fight. Ask a trusting friend to observe and help you make the necessary corrections.

2. Shoulders square. Very important because you look as if you are comfortable in your skin and its instant thinning; you look At least 5 pounds lighter and younger when your spine is fully erected

3. Swing those hips. I repeat; Swing those hips as a relaxed cat walk. Pretend that you are a top model whatever body shape you have.It’s the most powerful body language flirting signal that you can send to a man. You can take my word for it.

I will convince you with that story;

My sister was living on a campus, in a dorm, in France. She had a co-ed who had generous curves. She was swinging those hips as her natural walk.

Then guys were telling to my sister that she was triggering reactions within them because of her natural catwalk. Even though she was overweight, she was signaling mating. She was mesmerizing men without even knowing it.

So follow an imaginary straight line as you walk for body language flirting

Body Language Flirting Tips no 3;

As you are sitting

1. Legs crossed.

That position is useful when you have your foot pointed to your target man. He will feel it and feel invited. You can help things a little bit and invite him to come and join you.

2. Play with your hair.

Toss them. You can even have a haircut on your bangs made so that you often have to move your hair around. It’s all about strategies, girlfriend!

3. Sit and lean you back on the chair. Relax. Smile. Look in the eyes.

Again, it’s all about looking relaxed, accessible and receptive. You make a powerful impression.

Your guy knows by now that you are attracted to him. He also knows that he has permission to come and talk to you. He makes his move.

As he walks to you, smile . Look him straight in the eye.

Afterwards, as you both are talking, continue to look him in the eyes and smile.

By the end of the night, you should have another phone number to put in your dating black book and your calendar. You won’t be living single for the rest of your life.

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