How do you know if he has no Commitment Phobia ?

Personal characteristics of a man who has no commitment phobia.

A man who has commitment phobia won’t share his family member or friends with you.

A guy who’s not commitment phobic have a friend or a cousin “selling” the guy to you. You find precious information from them, especially if they are under the influence of alcohol. 😉

  1. Everybody knows that he wants to have a girlfriend or that he is ready to settle down
  2. He listens in general
  3. He is punctual
  4. He is not influenced by his friends/family. He has boundaries
  5. He’s been 2 years at his occupation
  6. A man who doesn’t have commitment phobia has long term friendship
  7. He lives at the same place for a number of years.
  8. He takes responsibilities. He takes care of a pet.

His behavior with you of a man who has no commitment phobia

You also need to observe of his behavior with you. You watch for this on the first stage of dating before you get attached.

  1. He keeps his promises
  2. He makes real eye contact
  3. He has genuine interest in you.
  4. He will parade you to his friends and family
  5. He holds hands and kisses in public
  6. He cuddles.
  7. He is patient with you.
  8. He doesn’t make fun of you
  9. He answers when you call him or email him
  10. He values your opinion even if it is opposite to his

A man who has no commitment phobia has no problem on any kind of commitment.

He is able to make sacrifices.

He keeps promises.

He is devoted and focuses on you.

He is a man and marriage material.

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