Dating Match

How do I know if he is my dating match?

It’s your first date. You are in front of him, at a table. You are asking yourself:

  • How do I know if he will be a good husband?
  • How do I know if we are right for each other?
  • How do I know if he will be a good father?
  • Will I get along?
  • Is this a match?

The essential ingredient for a great match is to know yourself. By knowing what makes you happy and sad will attract that really great guy with whom you will rock your chair in the elderly age.

Find your match could be hard thing to find. If you don’t have a road map, you can get lost. This site will show you different ways to know early on if there is a long term possibility with your date.

Who is your ideal husband?

Who is your love match?

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