How to flirt with man

Today’s self-confident women definitely need to know how to flirt with man , while in the past it may not have been acceptable for women to start the flirting,

Although you want to avoid looking trashy when you are flirting and attract a man , you do want to avoid being so subtle that they do not notice. There are a variety of excellent ways that you can flirt and show that you are interested without looking trashy or desperate.

When you want to flirt with men, it is important to use your flirting body language , posture, and various physiological signs to get their attention and let them know you are interested.

How to flirt with man – Body Language

If you are wondering how to flirt with man, one of the most effective ways to do so it to use your body language.

There are a variety of different ways that you can use your body language while you are flirting.

One of the most obvious ways is to give the man a beautiful smile and make sure that you establish eye contact with him. Touching is another great use of body language while flirting.

You may want to gently touch his arm or even his shoulder or leg briefly, which is sure to get a reaction out of a man.

Lean into a man as well so he gets the point that you are interested in him while you are talking.

How to flirt with man – Posture

Your posture is also important if you are trying to figure out how to flirt with a man. Men look at your posture. It says a great deal about you.

You can flirt using your posture by sitting with your back arched and your legs crossed provocatively.

Make sure that you cross and uncross your legs as you are sitting with a man as well.

This draws attention to your legs and gives a brief glimpse of a bit of skin. A relaxed and loose posture is also important when you are flirting with a man so that your flirting actions look natural instead of nervous and forced.

How to flirt with man – Physiological Signs (eyes lips)

There are various physiological signs that you can use when you are flirting with a man as well.

One great way to flirt is to lick your lips often. Many men interpret as interest; it looks very enticing as well.

Playing with your hair is another great way to flirt and show your interest.

Men see this as preening and will know that you are trying to impress them on some level as well.

Batting your eyelashes and looking at them through lowered eyelashes also portrays shy flirting as well.

These are just a few tips that can help you out if you need to know how to flirt with a man. There are many others that you can use as well on how to a man man want you such as playing footsies under the table, winking playfully, and teasing a man good naturally.

If you want to catch a man, flirting is important, and flirting in the right way can make the difference between whether you snag a date or walk away empty handed.

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