How to keep a man interested

How to keep a man interested is by being independent. It is a comment that I get a lot from men. How to keep a man interested? What exactly do they mean by that?

How to keep a man interested is to be Independant

They like a woman that they haven’t completely conquered yet.

Yes, there needs to be closeness and intimacy for a solid relationship. However, the closeness has to evolve in steps. Men get scared easily when it comes to emotions. And some women are in a hurry to share or “load” their emotions. It gives them a fake feeling of closeness.

How to keep a man interested is about slowly divulging your deep personal information about yourself. If you have a troubled pass, if you have been abused, if you had some difficult experience with your ex, or other intense and difficult situations, wait a few months before sharing.

Fill your bank account of love; the currency represented is all the dates and the time that you have spent together. You have laughed, teased each other, and shared happy experiences. Build more of those.

Later, you will have enough to make withdrawals. The withdrawals represent the tough times, the trials, and both of your emotional baggage.

It is important also to be intellectually independent on how to keep a man interested. You need to have your own opinions on situations and on people. It is better to be keen on opinions. And the more you are sharing those, the more harmonious the relationship is.

On the other hand, don’t be afraid to express your contrasting opinions. He will respect for it and even more if you are able to defend them with common sense arguments.

It shows that you love yourself and respect yourself enough to be able to affirm who you are. If you respect yourself, he will too. That is how to keep a man interested. If he doesn’t, you know what to do; you dump him.

How to keep a man interested: Have your own hobbies, passions, friends and social life

I am not suggesting here to be out all the time. Spend some time away from him once in a while. Don’t share everything, everywhere.

By having your own life and your own time, your man will compete for your attention. This keeps him at the tip of his toes.

How to keep a man interested: Acknowledge what he does for you

Not what you would like him to do for you. Or how you would like himto be. Men need to be admired and appreciated for what they accomplish. It could be as ordinary as driving you to work or paying you a vacation.

How to keep a man interested: Don’t be jealous and Don’t be naïve.

Be cool.

Be together.

Self confidence is a turn on for men. This how to keep a man interested.

How to keep a man interested: Let him have his own time

Men need to be in herd. This is an emotional need for him. Dr. John Gray (Mars and Venus) says that men are like elastics: the more it stretches away from you, the quicker it comes back to you.

You will keep your man’s love interested if you give him some freedom. You will soon realize that he will want to be with you even more. When something is not forbidden, what’s the trill?

How to keep a man interested: Fall in love with yourself and he will too

Love yourself for who you are. Love your imperfections. That way, you are making the biggest sales pitch.

You won’t be easily offended by his possible remarks. Therefore, he won’t easily get to you. He will stop. You are easy to live with.

The love stays alive.

Express yourself using “I”. Nagging proof.

I know that we like to nag. It releases so much frustration and tension. I read everywhere that women nag too much.

But…… I love nagging! It feels so good after!

There is a way to express your frustration without jeopardizing the harmony. Speak using the “I”.

For example, if he hasn’t called you as promised, you could nag:

“Why haven’t called?!!!”

Or you could use the “I”:

“I was waiting for you call” or “ I thought that you would call. I haven’t planned anything else because I thought that you had planned something for us”

Another example:

“Who is that girl that you were talking to, Mr?”

Using the “I”:

“I didn’t feel comfortable seeing you talking to her”

Yes, it requires stepping on your pride. That is a great way to communicate, release the tension, without damaging the relationship. He knows exactly how you feel (more about men’s intuition below). It avoids escalading misunderstanding.

I find that the problems get solved easier using that technique. You keep your man interested.

How to keep a man interested: Let him know what makes you happy.

Men are not intuitive. I have had a hard time accepting this. But my life became easier with them.

You need to outline to them what it is that you want. That way, you are enabling him to be your hero. He will feel manly, and, you will win yourself a man. This is how to keep a man interested

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