How to seduce a man

It seems that how to seduce a man is not about being thin with the perfect lipstick and nail polish and perfume are not enough on how to seduce a man.

I am sure, like me, you know beautiful women who are having a difficult time holding a man down and/or getting what they want from them.

Look at the numerous examples in the celebrities like Jennifer Anniston, Jennifer Lopez, and Jessica Simpson, just to name a few.

Those women are stunning but they still are having a hard time in love like non-celebrity people (the rest of us).

What does it take to seduce a man?

How to seduce a man – Competition

Men want what they can’t have. When you first meet single men , you will need to create some competition for you attention. What I mean is find some passions or continue your passions. He has to fight a little for your attention.

I remember one time there was this guy who kept just looking at me without coming up to me or talking to me.

So I decided to use the competition tool. It was a high risk. He could loose interest in me, but I took a shot at it.

One of my long time male friends was there. When he came to greet me I decided to be a little bit unusually warm. My friend responded the same, because we are that close.

My prospect guy didn’t know about the level of our relationship. He could only assume.

So, shortly after, he made sure that I saw him and made his move on me. He started a conversation from far and came up to me after.

How to seduce a man is competition. Competition is a good fuel for men.

It doesn’t mean to flirt with other men and be manipulative. It could backfire on you.

Alternatively, you could find an activity where you have the expressed admiration of others. Find something that you are good at. You will get rave reviews from others. This will keep him fighting for you attention. He will be hooked.

How to seduce a man – Admiration – positive feedback

Acknowledge everything that he is doing well. Women tend to nag when their guy is doing something bad. However, when he is doing something well, we keep quiet.

We brag about it behind his back. He never knows that we really are proud of him.

When a man gets admiration from his wife or partner, this is where he feels that he is the King of the jungle. He then wants to please you even more because he feels he can. That feeling seduce a man

How to seduce a man – Acceptance

It is difficult sometimes to accept that you partner is not the prince charming that you have read on in Cinderella or other popular literature since we were really young.

But that feeling of acceptance from you seduces a man profoundly.

Maybe he doesn’t bring you flowers on Valentine’s Day, or even worse, he forgets that it is Valentine’s Day; however, when something is broken in the house, it is repaired right away.

Or he brings you medication when you are sick. He maybe understanding when you are PMSing.

That is the real Prince Charming.

Give him is “Sacred Monday Night Football”.

His flaws and annoying habits allow you to grow as a wife or as a girlfriend. Remember that personal growth brings you closer each time to a better life.

It is to appreciate who he is and what he is doing for you instead of changing him or expecting him to be who you want him to be.

I remember one of my male friends telling me a story of unacceptance from a previous girlfriend; he bought her a flat screen TV as a surprise.

When he installed it for her, she added:” It is nice but it is not a Sony”

He dropped everything. He took the television and left.

If you reflect on yourself, I am convinced that you have some stories of your own.

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