Who is your ideal husband?

Which individual is really your ideal husband? Read on and you will find out.

We see all type of guy everyday. We are attracted to good ones and terrible ones.

A good pointer for your ideal husband is to look at his occupation.

We choose a career in line of our values and interests; interest of lifestyle, the level of comfort of stress, values on the difference we want to make in this world, etc…

For those reasons, here is a list of type of a few men. You’ll identify which kind fits your ideal husband

Ideal husband no 1: White Collar

He is aggressive therefore lots of ambition. He likes the good things in life. He likes to be the provider for the family. He takes pride in fulfilling that role.

You’ll always have a comfy nest with him. He likes conversation on various topics. He is fascinating.

This ideal husband is great for a woman who likes a man who plans his life and yours. Often enough, he accomplishes what he had planned. However, he can be domineering.

He will not sacrifice his career for his personal life. To be with that man, you’ll need to be independent and have your own activities.

Sometimes, it’s useless to make your point; he strongly feels that he is right. He has a high opinion of himself. Be kind with his narcissist ego.

The ideal husband white collar man has high expectations for others as well as for himself.

Some related professions: business man, financial analysts, architectural drafters, telemarketers, accountants, claims adjusters…

Ideal husband no 2 : Professional

He is introverted, calm, shy and very intelligent. He is “the” responsible man.

He is an ideal husband because he loves a family situation in his life and takes pleasure in that. Your kids will be strongly encouraged for higher education because it’s imperative for him.

He can be submissive; if you are a go-go-go kind of a girl, forget that man following your pace. Save yourself frustration by having the right outlook.

He holds his emotions in. You’ll need to read his body language to value him. He conforms to what is expected from him. He has lower social skills.

You can rely on that man.

Some professions: teacher, technician of some sort, engineer, architect, accountant,

Ideal husband no 3 : Blue Collar

He is a hardworking man and takes pride of this. He imposes his spiritual morals on his children.

He is the loyal type. This ideal husband follows and respects what you both have agreed on.

He likes to be “with the boys”. He needs to bond with his buddies. He likes a neat house and he expects his wife to maintain it as is. He is sensitive but doesn’t show it.

With this ideal husband, he’ll be rocking his chair with you on the porch, watching the sun lay down.

Some professions: Policeman, fireman, construction worker, cashier

Ideal Husband no 4 : Salesman

He is charismatic. He charms a crowd with his jokes and stories. He is the entertainer. You’ll feel proud to be with him.

He is persistent. You’ll be serenaded and eloped to get married in Bali.

He’ll whisper in your ear, makes you feel like the hottest woman in town.

He is assertive. His own desires counts. He can be manipulative like a fox.

If you are allergic to routine, he is the man for you. Life is never dull with him.

Some professions: Advertising sales, Retail products sales

Ideal Husband no 5 : Creative Man

He is passionate. You’ll experience intensity. He is skilled to be creative.

No day will be the identical. If you like a non conformist existence, he is the ideal husband for you. You’ll be on the go.

He is creative in his lovemaking and in his life because he is free spirited. You’ll get the uplifted frown of your friends and family because he is non conformist values.

He is a loner. His mood swings and self-centered behaviors don’t tolerate pressure easily. With this man, you have to be a strong, almost self sufficient and patient psychologically.

Some professions: Photographer, musician, writer

Ideal Husband no 6 : Traditional Man

This husband is pleased when he gives support. He loves to look after his family. He will comprehend when you cry because your cat died or for a particular movie.

He is responsive to the others wants. He likes to get involved in charitable causes.

He is introverted and insecure. If you are the kind of woman who likes changes the decoration on a impulse or who likes to leave on a last minute trip, you will give this guy a heart attack..

He gets anxious easily. If you are a laid back kind of a gal, this guy is for you.

Some professions: Teacher, social worker

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