Kissing on a first date

So girlfriend, you’ve got a date with someone special. You feel like kissing on first date. Someone that makes your heart go a pitter-patter. Good for you. I know that you’re excited and you have a right to be.

This is an exciting time. You are in for a wonderful and enjoyable experience. I just love dating. The fun, the joy, the anticipation of getting to know someone for the first time. Like most women however, you’re probably wondering about kissing on first date.

After all, the first kiss, is a memorable experience. It can set the foundation for a great relationship. In this brief article, we’ll discuss kissing on first date and how your first kiss be memorable without giving away too much too soon.

First of all, concentrate on having a great first date and try not to worry about the first date. If you spend your entire date thinking and agonizing about kissing on first date, you may not enjoy yourself; you won’t get the chance to really get to know your date.

Instead of becoming so fixated on delivering the perfect kiss at the perfect time, don’t think about it. If it happens – it happens. If it doesn’t, it can happen on the next date. Enjoy the moment. Don’t’ sweat it.

Second, if you find that you’re having a great time and you want to plant one on him, go for it. There’s no rule that says that you have to wait until the end of the date. If the moment is right, go for it.

If not, you can wait to see how it pans out. Don’t be afraid to give it a shot. If I’m having a great time with the person, I’ll lean over, plant one right on his lips.

I won’t give him a tongue lasting. A sweet but sensual kiss works wonders. It leaves a bit to his imagination, keeps him guessing. In addition, it allows me to decipher our “chemistry” without getting in too deep.

Third, if you’re not comfortable planting one on him during the date, you can wait until the end. You’ll have more time to get to know him and will allow you to see if you really want to kiss him.

Again, you should keep the kissing on first date short but sweet. A light but sensual peek on the lips is magic. By not engaging in an open mouth kiss, you’ll keep him guessing but still demonstrate that you want to see him again.

In addition, by not engaging in a passionate kiss too soon, you maintain a bit of control. That is, you won’t feel hurt if the two of you decide not to pursue future dates.

Fourth, if you’re not comfortable with a kiss, you can still give him a passionate or sensual hug that allows your perfume to linger on him and makes him desire you even more.

It will leave something on his mind but will truly demonstrate that you had a great time and are looking forward to having a second date.

In conclusion, the first date can be stressful. So can kissing on the first kiss. However, kissing on first date can be a fun if you don’t over-analyze it. Instead,go with the flow and leave him guessing.

By giving him a light but sensual peck, you’ll lay the foundation for many more future (and more passionate) lip exchanges. So, enjoy your date. If your first kiss happens, embrace and savor it. If it doesn’t there’s always next time!

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