Sign a man want out

You have that “gut feeling”; sign a man want out You can’t put your finger on it, but you know in your heart that he just isn’t interested anymore.
There is not just one, surefire sign a man want out, but there are some typical behaviors that men will begin to exhibit when he becomes restless or want out of a relationship.

Some sign a man want out

* He is distant – He is there physically, but his mind is obviously somewhere else. Now, don’t confuse this with his having trouble at work or worrying about his mom. A man with stuff on his mind will also act in this way.

* He doesn’t call – He went from calling several times a day to calling every few days. When you call, he seems distracted and is in a hurry to hang up. He is evasive about when you will get together again.

* He doesn’t want to go out- or stay in – You used to go out to movies or to dinner, now he comes over for a while and leavesOR

You used to go out and then he would come over for a while afterward. Now, however, after dinner or a movie, he declines the offer to come in. He deposits you at your door, then leaves.

* He loves and leaves – He comes over (or you go to his place) and you have a fantastic physical time. Then he becomes distant and leaves soon after.

If the only time he wants to spend time with you is when you are in the sack, it is clear that he only wants that from you.

* He sees his buddies more than he sees you – He goes out with his buddies Thursday and Friday nights. He pencils in a few hours for you on Saturday, but has to leave by 9 so that he can meet his buddies at the bar.

You don’t need a neon sign; this is a huge sign a man want out.

So, you have the sign a man want out, what do you do? What did you do to cause this?

Probably nothing.

Science tells us that men are biologically predisposed to move from female to female. This does not mean that men do not settle on one woman and not stray. Of course it happens. But some men are just RAMs, romantically ambivalent males.

If you get a sign a man want out, don’t beat yourself up on what you did or could have done or did not do.

It isn’t worth it.

However, you may rethink any clingy behaviors that you may begin to show when you think he is pulling away.

Now you have determined that he is definitely pulling away. What is next for you?

The best thing that you can do for yourself is move on.

Go buy a gallon of ice cream and your choice of syrup topping, put on some comfy flannel pajamas. Rent a bunch of movies. Take a weekend to be depressed, be angry and be totally gross while you don’t wash your hair, eat lots of ice cream and maybe even cry a little.

Ask a friend to come over to help rip him apart, flaw by flaw.

The next time you see a sign a man wants out, don’t push. Yes, you deserve to know what is going on and you deserve to have him be up front with you, but if you push for answers you will push him farther away.

Ask yourself if you want a relationship were you have to rely of a sign a man want out or do you want a man who talks to you and considers your feelings.

If he isn’t giving you what you need emotionally, the best to do is cut your losses and send him on his way.

After all, it’s his loss.

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