Single travel vacation for women

You will find a resources to know where to travel in North America and in Europe safely and with fun as a single woman. I will try to find resources for single moms also.

I am recommending to go with tours and cruises since the package deals can be great. If you have more of a bohemian soul, you can pick up on those places and do your own itinerary.

Single tours and single cruises have gone up in popularity. I did a singles cruise 8 years ago and let me tell you, they weren`t many singles to choose from.

Anyhow, I still had the time of my life. Today, you will find better crowds of single then when I did my cruise.

Single cruising:

Everyone deserves a break and no one deserves a break more than single parents. Managing children is tough for a couple and even tougher for single parents.

Baja Cruise Aug 07 006

Playing the role of a mother as well as a father to your child is not easy and sometimes it can really bring your energy levels way down so that you remain tired and exhausted.

Breaks and vacations can also become an ordeal of management for single parents. Land vacations need an adult co-pilot, extra arrangements and precautions for a safe stay have to be considered whereas with single cruises everything you need is already available without the extra work.

When you are a single parent then you have to consider things such as the availability of childcare facilities, child safety and a little time for you to unwind. These are just some of the benefits of single parent cruising.

Your kids have their own space and make friends while you are able socialize with other single parents. You can have some time to yourself to watch a movie, read a book or just simply lie in the sun. Some cruises offer crèches and child care facilities.

So, you can drop your child at the kids club or the child care after dinner and have some time to yourself.

Moreover, you don’t need to worry about dropping the baby sitter home or traveling to the baby sitter’s place to pick up your child.

Most single parents deny themselves of various enjoyments like casinos, pubs, discos with their kids.

Cruises allow single parents to indulge in activities like casinos and discos while your kids stay safe in child care facilities and youth programs.

Single mothers can also find new friends in these cruises which can later turn into romantic relationships.

If you are a single woman looking for a vacation which allows you to mingle. Here are some top spots which can allow you a great singles vacation sans all worries:

British Virgin Islands:

A yacht on aquamarine waters and blue sky. What more could a person want. If you love sailing, then British Virgin Islands is the right destination for you. Scuba diving, snorkeling, and sunbathing, these islands offer loads of activities.

Colorado Winter Park:

Hot tubs, skiing and hot cocoa. You can really have a great vacation in this park.

Vasquez Road – Winter Park, Colorado

Island of Crete, Greece:

If you love places with a rich history and an air of mystery, then Island of Crete is your place. Here you can find new mates and new activities.

Colors of sea – Crete – Greece

Miami, Florida:

If you are a party animal, then Miami beckons you with open arms. Dancing and partying are special to this place.

Downtown Miami

You can party away on the beaches or put on your dancing shoes and dance till the wee hours of the night. Miami has something for everyone.


The name of Hawaii is synonymous with fun and vacation. Whether it’s relaxing on the beach or wind surfing or skiing, Hawaii is the ultimate destination for singles looking for love or just fun.

No matter what your destination is, a single vacation means taking care of all the nitty gritties like travel papers, permission letter (if you are a single parent traveling with a kid) and other documents to make your vacation enjoyable.

Be sure to be careful and stay with the group and the tour guide, so that your vacation remains an enjoyable experience.

Stay tune and come back often.

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