Steps in a relationship for lasting love

There are steps in a relationship that increases the chances of lasting romance.

According to John Gray (Mars Venus) we should have about 2,000 soul mates.

So, why is it difficult to find just one? We are rushing into a relationship. There are steps to follow. They allow you to have a man in love

The steps in a relationship.

There are 5 steps:

1. Attraction2. Uncertainty3. Exclusivity4. Intimacy5. Engagement

Most people do it backwards or all over. It could be a possible explanation for the high failure rate of the relationships today.

First steps in a relationship


This is where you have meet your single man. There is sexual attraction. You have butterflies when he calls you or when you are on a date.

Slowly, you are learning more about the guy. Both of you are getting closer. You feel that he could be a potential guy.

Your intimacy shouldn’t go further then kissing and holding hands. At this step, you are dating several people because nothing has evolved to a deeper emotional intimacy.

Second steps in a relationship


You found your dating match You are getting to know each other a little bit better. You feel insecure maybe unsure about the relationship. You are finding out that he is not “Mr. Perfect”.

This is normal phase. Several new relationships break at this step. You get to know the person and wonder if you will be able to deal with that trait of character. Doubts occur. You are comparing him to previous boyfriends and/or other dates.

In terms of intimacy, you go on “second base” here. The touching and kissing get deeper. The hugs are no further down the belly. That step can last as long as you feel ready emotionally for the third step.

Third steps in a relationship


After having evaluated different men options, you have exclusive relationships dating. You date only the person of your choice. You know more of qualities and of his flaws and you are willing build a bond with him.

You have respect and understanding from that guy. He fulfills well your emotional needs and you are making him happy too.

Fourth steps in a relationship


You feel free to share your deepest thought. You are not afraid to let him know more about your past. You know that he will stay around. This is where man and marriage go together.

Fifth steps in a relationship


At this step in a relationship, we found our soul mate. We want to spend the rest of our life with that person. He makes us happy.

We share the same values on money, family, friendship. We agree on what our lifestyle should be. We have similar aspirations.

We get prepared to take on the stress and challenges that could occur in life. To smooth things, a woman has to learn on how to forgive her man. The man needs to learn how to apologize.

Those are the steps for lasting romance.

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