Dating Black Men: Can You Go There? Should You Give it a Try?

Remember the days when Mom would have died if you were dating black men

and brought him home for dinner and to meet the family?
Interracial dating was something that was completely unheard of. White women did not date black men. If they did, it was certainly something they kept to themselves.

Fortunately, dating black men is not as big of a deal anymore. There is hope for women who just cannot help to find their affections leaning more and more in that direction.

Since the 50s and the Civil Rights Era, we have slowly become more attuned to the idea of interracial dating as a society. Dating a black person is not as dramatic as it has been back then.

Chances are you can even get mom and dad to be okay with your choice in dating a black person although they may not necessarily agree with it.

These days, people are able to clearly see the value that differences in culture and personality bring to a relationship rather than the drawbacks attributed to these differences.

Of course, when you date anyone of any different race than you, dating black men, white man, or Asian man, you stand the chance of small talk and gossip that can really stand to ruin the atmosphere.

Unfortunately, there is nothing you can do about this; these are the actions of other people and not something that you can control.

Face the truth about the fact that you guys might be the topic of a few conversations and the sooner you both realize it, the better off you will be in your relationship if you do go on to pursue one.

The worst part of dating black men might have something to do with the relatives. Friends are one thing, but family is a whole other ordeal altogether. It is the most difficult part of interracial dating.

Face the facts and realize that you are either going to be upfront about your relationship or you are not. By meeting single men and dating black men, when you knew they might not approve, you are accepting the fact that your family may not agree with your decision.

The only thing you can do is explain the situation to them as respectfully as you can, and leave it at that. As an adult, whether or not you want to date black men, blue man or green man is really up to you.

Your parents will not agree with many of the decisions you make as an adult, and your brothers and sisters or even your own children might not agree, either. You might be in for some rocky moments dating a black person. But trust that they will get to know him and come around eventually, one by one.

What is important is standing your ground and going after your own happiness. Follow your heart and his.

If it is meant to be, the rest will fall into place.

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